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Exploring Three Top University Choices

Why study at Delft University of Technology?

Delft University of Technology is the largest technical university in the Netherlands and covers practically the entire spectrum of engineering sciences. We are one of the top 20 universities in Europe, and worldwide.

At our university, we blend academic excellence with real-world impact. Our students are empowered to tackle societal challenges, emerging as visionary engineers with leadership skills. Through innovative programs and research integration, you’ll drive meaningful change.

Challenged based learning

Our educational approach centers around students tackling real-world problems or challenges as a means of learning. Challenge-based learning encourages active engagement, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Internationally renowned research and education.

Collaboration across disciplines, faculties and university services is encouraged, fostering teamwork and multidisciplinary courses. Partnerships with other universities, such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University of Leiden, and the four technical universities in Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen are robust, extending to national, European, and global levels.

Strong ties with industry

Close ties with businesses and societal organizations facilitate knowledge exchange, with many courses including guest lectures from industry alumni. Research is generally done in collaboration with companies, start-ups and large corporations alike; this enables you to already have a foot in industry during your master thesis project.

Diversity and openness

Delft University of Technology is strongly committed to becoming a university that pursues the highest standards of education and research based on values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We wish students to flourish, feel at home, feel safe, and reach their full potential. Over a fifth of our students and more than half of the scientific staff are coming from abroad. The university champions openness, leading in open education and science initiatives. More information.

Meet with Delft and our campus

Daily, about 27,000 people cross our campus: students, scientist, visitors and employees of the university and the companies on campus. Our campus is at walking distance from the center of the most beautiful and enchanting city of the Netherlands, Delft. Birth place of the painter Johannes Vermeer, and the inventor of the modern microscopy, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

Learn more about the university, Delft and the Netherlands

Are you interested in joining us at Delft University of Technology, find out more about the university, our Master programme, the city of Delft and the region we are living in.

Why study at Eindhoven University of Technology?

We are innovative. We are open minded. We are in the heart of society.

We are a University where special things happen. Things that can make the world, you, me and future generations better.

Challenged based learning

The Eindhoven University of Technology is offering students the concept of Challenge Based Learning. This means that, during your education, you will work on several challenges that occur in the world around us.

Excellent atmosphere

Eindhoven University of Technology has a welcoming, open atmosphere where any student can feel at home. Not only do we have a challenging, personal and hands-on educational approach and inspiring connections with industry, the province of Brabant is known throughout the Netherlands and abroad for its uniquely warm and friendly culture.

Internationally renowned research and education

Technological developments are faster than ever. The technological knowledge you learn today will likely become obsolete in only a few years’ time. To become a ‘future proof ‘engineer – who is capable of dealing with social issues now and in the future – we challenge you in an open, motivating environment in which you learn how to develop yourself continuously.

A great boost for your career

Eindhoven University of Technology aims to be a welcoming, inspiring and challenging home for you as a student. But your relationship with the university does not end when you graduate. We want to be there for you throughout your career.

Strong ties with industry

Eindhoven University of Technology excels as University of Technology through our strong ties with industry, both local and international. At our university you will learn to take the latest scientific inventions, collaborate with industry and government, and translate them into solutions for real-world problems.

In line with Eindhoven University of Technology identity and values, we strive for a diverse student community where all nationalities and cultures feel welcome and integrated. English is the common language in use throughout the campus and in all courses. Students who move to Eindhoven for their MasterPlus at Eindhoven University of Technology can be supported with the PhotonDelta relocation grants, advice on housing and on other potential sources of financial support.

Why study at University of Twente?

Research performed at the science departments of the University of Twente belongs to the top of the world and University of Twente has many world-class researchers who will also be your lecturers during your master’s. The top-rated programme will expand your knowledge of physics as a whole while giving you the opportunity to specialise in a field of your choice. You will have the opportunity to tailor your programme to suit your individual interests and personal ambitions.

World class research facilities

During your studies, you will fulfil the role of junior scientist from early on in your programme, being involved in experimental research, giving presentations and contributing to scientific articles. You can work in cutting-edge, high-tech labs like the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, the Technical Medical Centre and the Max Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics.


Your time in Twente will be unforgettable on our magnificent campus: it’s like a small village. You will find all you need to study, work and live. You will have access to sports facilities, laboratories, language learning opportunities and many international cultural events. As a student, you will be part of a close-knit, ambitious, academic community in which all faculties work together to help you realise the full potential of our unique interdisciplinary approach.

Starting up your business at University of Twente

Are you always looking for the use of your acquired knowledge to influence society in a meaningful way? Then you are one of us! As scientists and lecturers, we feel a strong connection with people who share a curious, enterprising spirit. If you have a business idea, then we’re keen to put your knowledge to use in commercially viable activities. With over 1,000 spinoff companies to our name, we reward innovation, creativity and the courage to step out. Please tell us, what it is that you are deeply passionate about?

Join us in crafting your exceptional academic journey!