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How to apply

Welcome to the application process for the MasterPlus Programme Optics & Photonics offered by Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, and University of Twente.

The MasterPlus consists of a regular Master programme and a Plus consisting of additional scientific and professional training activities. You can only register for the MasterPlus after having been admitted to one of the regular Master programmes.

Step-by-step guide


Choose your path:

Select your Master programme and university. Check the specific programmes per university here.

Explore the admission requirements:

Review and check the admission requirements for your chosen Master programme based on your degree and subject expertise, ensuring English proficiency.
Check eligibility
Check language requirements

Apply for the regular Master programme:

Submit your Master’s programme application by April 1st for Delft, May 1st for Eindhoven and Twente. Note: The application and admission procedure is managed by each university itself. Follow the step-by-step procedure on their respective websites for a seamless application process.

Secure the ”Plus”:

Once you have received confirmation of the admission to one of the Master’s, you can register to the MasterPlus Programme. If you want to apply for the relocation contribution, this needs to be done before a specific deadline. Check the detailed procedures per university on their websites.

Housing hunt:

Start your housing search in as soon as possible for your September studies!

Start your MasterPlus experience:

In addition to the standard academic curriculum, the MasterPlus Programme kicks off its scientific and social activities right from the start of the academic year. Join us at the MasterPlus introduction meeting!

Eligibility Checks:

Language Requirements:

Any questions?